April 2023 Newsletter

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This month we cover:

  • Finalist at Centuro awards
  • Navigating Independent Contractor Misclassification Across Borders: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Work From Anywhere at Running Remote
  • Work From Anywhere on Trustpilot
  • Product updates
  • Mels tip of the day | Fireside Chat On Geo-Strategy For Global & Mobility Leaders

Finalist at Centuro awards

Centuro Global announced Work From Anywhere as a finalist in the Centuro Global INT-X Awards 2023 in the Most Innovative Workforce Solutions category.

We were truly humbled to receive the exciting news that we had been nominated, let alone get to the final round. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed!

On behalf of all the team, John had these words to say: “We are thrilled to be receiving this recognition in the industry. We could not have gotten this far without the support of hundreds of global mobility and tax leaders in the over 300+ companies who have been with us on this journey to date. Congrats also to the other finalists who are all more than worthy of their place.”

Navigating Independent Contractor Misclassification Across Borders: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating Independent Contractor Misclassification Across Borders: A Comprehensive Guide

Some companies even today refuse to engage in the model of employing independent contractors.

But there’s a reason to look deeper at the reasons for considering independent contractors as part of your hire from anywhere strategy.

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Remotely Interesting

Work From Anywhere at Running Remote Lisbon

John attended the largest remote work conference in the world, Running Remote, in April and got to see insights from the latest trends in remote work.

It’s clear there’s been a push back by many companies on the concept of fully remote working, with hybrid models dominating many companies.

John Lee

There has been a lot of discussion about some of the data that shows Return To Office mandates peaked in February 2023. There was also talk about how a lot of work needs to be done on how we see the offices of the future, which is already leading to challenges around real estate valuations. What was clear from all the attendees is that Zoom cannot replace in person connection so finding the right balance between workplace flexibility and in-person connection will be vital for companies who want to succeed in the future.

Work From Anywhere on Trustpilot

Trust Pilot

We’re delighted to officially be on Trustpilot and have been blown away by the feedback everyone has given us. Curious to hear what others have said?

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Just recently the health check helped a client identify a significant permanent establishment risk which was linked to employing a number of employees via an Employer of Record model. We brought it to their attention that they had a financial exposure somewhere between $300k-$500k per year of activity in this country as a result. We advised them on a corrective course of actions to mitigate these risks and they are now taking decisive action. Out of the 15 countries that they currently employ people from, we identified 2 countries as being high risk. We also helped them understand the implications to their business of misclassifying their staff as contractors.

But don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

It’s apparent that Work From Anywhere genuinely care about empowering companies by educating them on how they can make the best decisions to protect themselves from avoidable risks.

R&D: As a result of the overwhelming success of our Health Check consultancy launch, we’re now in deep R&D mode working on ways to incorporate our health check solution into our Hire From Anywhere product offering. More updates to come later this year, so watch this space.


Mel had many tips during the fireside chat , check out the Geo-strategy Fireside Chat to listen.

  • Why she thinks traditional mobility is the key to WFA and HFA policy

  • What to think about when putting a Geo-Strategy together

  • Why compliance is so important

  • Know your EOR, and what areas of compliance they do not cover

Reach out to Mel anytime for a chat about her favourite topics!


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