April 2024 Newsletter

Get ready to Work from Anywhere


In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • Why Work From Anywhere is Becoming a Core Employee Benefit in the US
  • Employer of Record Ebook in Collaboration with Expatise Academy
  • Bring your House on Workation
  • Tax & Legal Updates
  • Remotely Interesting with John
  • Product Updates with Donal



Is Work From Anywhere Becoming a Core Employee Benefit in the US?


Imagine, for a moment, that you only had 10 days of vacation a year.  And if I told you, at the interview stage of a new employer, that our company offers up to 90 workation days a year in over 50 countries around the world.  

What would you say, and how would this impact how you feel about that company?

And once you joined the company, how would that increase your loyalty and connection with that company?

Take it the next step and say you are now choosing between two employers and one offers 90 workation days whereas the other offers none.  

How would this impact your decision-making?

In this article, we covered this example and how work from anywhere is becoming a key part of any employee benefit strategy, especially in the US.

Read more here.



Employer of Record Ebook & Podcast in Collaboration with Expatise Academy


For anyone curious about Employers of Record, how and when (as well as when not) to use them, Work From Anywhere was delighted to collaborate with Expatise Academy on this free ebook on Employers of Record. You can access the cross-platform media resources using the QR codes above.


Separately John will also be presenting a masterclass focusing on how to build an international remote working policy on 13th May 2024. In this masterclass, he will cover:

  • The key compliance risks to be aware of

  • How to put together a Work from Anywhere policy

  • How you can benchmark your Work from Anywhere policy

  • Best practices observed in Airbnb and Spotify’s Work from Anywhere policies.


Conference Season in Full Flow


This last month has been incredibly busy with various conferences, webinars and ebooks taking place.  Together with the team at Mercer Netherlands and Belgium, we had really strong engagement at the recent Mercer Benelux event which discussed the results of Mercer’s recent International Remote Work Survey, as well as taking the attendees through the recent updates to the Work From Anywhere platform.

On the Mercer link, I enjoyed Olivier Meier’s recent article defining workations.  He references excerpts from the recent Mercer International Remote Work survey which refers to “an astounding 78% of companies now incorporating this practice as a regular part of their operations or on a case-by-case basis.”


At the Running Remote conference recently, I was treated to some thought-provoking content on the future of work. I was blown away by the statistics on Atlassian’s fully distributed approach presented by Annie Dean:

The Positives of Atlassian’s Fully Distributed Policy

  1. They doubled the number of candidates per role

  2. Reached a 20% candidate acceptance rate

  3. Decreased attrition rate amongst women with 53%

The Blind Spots They’re Working on

  • 56% regularly waste time searching for information

  • 64% say that their team is pulled in different directions

  • 65% say that it is more important to respond quickly to messages than it is doing progress on their top priorities

How do you see the pros and cons of remote work in your organization?

Executive Research Association

In April, together with Simon Rogers of Talent Mobility Search, I gave a masterclass on employee benefits and work from anywhere to the Executive Research Association. For any in-house recruiters or employee benefits leaders, you might find the webinar helpful.

RM World Travel

April also saw me being interviewed by RM World Travel, America’s #1 Travel Radio Show, hosted by Robert & Mary Carey and co-host Rudy Maxa.  This show has a weekly audience reach of approximately 1.2 million listeners via 575 affiliated network stations across the USA, so it was a great opportunity to build more awareness in the US.



Increased Security across the Platform


We’re quietly and diligently working on a few substantial pieces in the background which will further strengthen our platform in areas such as payroll tax, right to work and immigration & visas. More to come on those topics as we get closer to a release date so keep your eyes peeled. Some other major performance improvements are also going through final testing right now and will be released in the next couple of weeks. Some of the nerdier stuff but it will hugely improve the speed of our dashboard generation as well as enabling the ability to immediately regenerate historical search results.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve got a continuous improvement mindset and we will continue to take your feedback on board as we look to improve the strength of our backend algorithm and frontend platform. So please keep it coming!

In the meantime, when you next log into our platform, you will see that we’ve tightened up the login security rules by adding 2-Factor Authentication and stricter password rules to help secure your account even further. We have a policy of collecting as little sensitive information as possible. We basically only collect names and emails with full encryption of any search related information, which ensures maximum security and minimal data exposure. The safest way of protecting your data is by not collecting it!

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