In the News: Benivo Remote Work Separating the Myth From the Reality

Benivo - View from the Top

Benivo: The View From The Top

Thanks to Brian Friedman and the team from Benivo for having John on their insanely popular The View From The Top show.

Remote Work: The Discussion Continues

Two years ago everyone was working remotely and we all thought that was the future of work. Today, things have moved on. While many people still work remotely, more and more employers are finding ways of getting us back into the office. Perhaps hybrid work is the compromise solution that will become the norm.

The discussion centred around the future of remote work with four industry thought leaders. Our very special guests will be John Lee (Founder of Work From Anywhere), Priscilla Monticelli (of Publicis), Dharmesh Kothari, (an experienced Global Mobility Professional) and Benivo’s very own Russ Haynie, MBA, CRP, SGMS.

The disussion included:

✅ All the latest Remote Work news and industry research
✅ The Management Perspective on Remote Work
✅ The Employee Perspective
✅ Compensation Strategy and Remote Work
✅ Which industries and which roles
✅ Immigration and Labor Laws
✅ Tax consequences of Remote Work
✅ Which countries are encouraging and which clamping down on Remote Work
✅ The Link with Talent Acquisition

The show also welcomed #Changemaker Olu Euba, Associate Director, Global Talent Mobility from EssenceMediacom, and as always, all the latest immigration news from Julia Onslow-Cole as well as all the latest Global Mobility Breaking News from around the world.

Please get in touch here if you are interested in interviewing John for some thought leadership in the remote work space.

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