In the News: Safetywing – Contractor Misclassification & Other Work From Anywhere Risks

Safetywing Webinar | Contractor Misclassification & Other Work From Anywhere Risks

John was a panelist on a Safetywing webinar guiding attendees through the essential elements of managing taxes, navigating global mobility challenges, and ensuring precise employee classifications. They covered the following topics:
  • Taxes Unraveled: Insider insights on the latest tax regulations shaping 2024 and learn strategic approaches to optimize your tax planning.
  • Global Mobility Mastery: Exploring key considerations for managing global workforce mobility.
  • Decoding Employee Classifications: Navigating the complexities of employee classifications in the current legal landscape.
You can access the webinar here.
The understood more about Contractor Misclassification, make sure to check out our article about navigating contractor misclassification which goes in deep on the likely tripping points.