February 2024 Newsletter

Get ready to Work from Anywhere


In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • Workations In Action: Deep Dive on Airbnb’s Policy
  • Mercer Mobility Technology Update & Work From Anywhere
  • Centuro Webinar | Work From Anywhere Policy Masterclass
  • Safetywing Webinar | Contractor Misclassification & Other Risks
  • Remotely Interesting with John – Helpful Resources
  • Product Updates with Donal – We’re Mobile Ready & Even Faster!
  • Mel’s Tip of the Day – Join my WFA Peer Group



Workations In Action: Deep Dive on Airbnb’s Policy

In this article we took a deep dive look at Airbnb’s Live & Work Anywhere program, its early goals, the roll-out and overall lessons learned.


While Airbnb was initially slow off the mark, it is clear that when Airbnb did press the accelerator, it became an opportunity not just from a HR and employee benefit perspective, but also from a wider business strategy, even leading to an evolution of their product offering.

Read more here.


Mercer Mobility Technology Update & Work From Anywhere

The team at Mercer will be sharing some exciting updates about our Work From Anywhere platform and other global mobility technology updates on 20th March 2024.

If you’re interested, you can register for the event here. A special thanks to Frederic Franchi and all the Mercer team who have been invaluable support helping get a range of Fortune 500 clients around the world on to the platform.

If you’d like a demo with our CEO John Lee and your local Mercer contact, feel free to reach out here or directly to Frederic above.

Helpful Resources

In this month’s newsletter, I thought I’d share some helpful resources I have come across in recent weeks which you might find helpful.

  • I loved this recent report from Atlassian on “Lessons learned: 1,000 days of distributed at Atlassian”. It goes through how a world class distributed culture operates.
  • This report here from Carmen Amara, Chief People Officer at Yelp was another that caught my attention.
  • Lastly I really enjoyed this Remote & Hybrid Maturity Model tool that Grow Remote have offered.


In other news, we are big admirers of the Spotify work from anywhere policy which was a leader in the work from anywhere space (you can see our deep dive on the policy here). So it was a surprise when we saw the employment law slip ups they ran into in the Netherlands. For global hiring, you simply cannot place enough emphasis on getting the compliance side right from the get-go.

We’ll go into some more tax and legal updates next month, but in the meantime I’d highly recommend this article in Tax Notes titled “Remote Work vs. Corporate Income Tax: Relocating Our Understandings”.


We’re Mobile Ready & Even Faster!

This month we’ve been hard at work converting our platform over to full mobile responsiveness, which makes me very very happy indeed!

Not only does it provide greater consistency in terms of pdf prints and screen responsiveness across all devices, but we’ve also taken the opportunity to do some further technical improvements in the backend to drive increased performance and speed.

So if you thought 60 seconds was too long to get a full workation risk assessment completed (versus at least a week and a few $k if using an external consultant), then check out my cheeky video showing how we’ve made a 33% speed improvement getting our full risk reports completed in only 40 seconds!

I dare you to find another solution that’s quicker than that!


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