Geo-strategy Fireside Chat With Imelda Keane

Fireside chat work from anywhere

Remote Work Compliance

“You’ve got to own your compliance.”</>

This was one of the key takeaways from Imelda Keane during the Geo-strategy Fireside Chat on the 12th April 2023.

Global Mobility Topics of Conversation

During this fireside, John covered with Imelda:

  • How Mel got into global mobility
  • Her approach on how to deal with the challenges of work from anywhere
  • How she dealt with the challenges of hire from anywhere and how global mobility leaders can equip themselves for this shift in mindset
  • What is a Geo-Mobility strategy
  • What hire from anywhere means for cross-functional relationships with talent management and other functions
  • What she sees as the pros and cons of Employers of Record
  • How she sees the evolution of global mobility in the next 10 years

Below the high level framework Mel went through during this discussion.

high level framework mel

Table of contents

Employers of Record: A picture showing the logos of some the leaders in the market

Employers of Record: The Case For and Against

We explore the Employer of Record hiring solution in depth, discussing the pros and cons of using an Employer of Record, when you should use an EOR, when you should avoid using an Employer of Record, how much an EOR is likely to cost you as well as the things you should consider when picking a suitable provider.

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GME Conference Panel with John Lee

Work From Anywhere In Space

Can you work from anywhere in space? And if so, which planet would you choose to work from?

These were some of the farfetched ideas discussed during a recent GME event in London as a metaphor for the current global mobility landscape.

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