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Building Remotely Podcast

Thank you to Sondre Rasch and SafetyWing for featuring John and The Work From Anywhere Team in their Building Remotely series.

You can catch the full discussion here.

In this episode, John shares his insights on tax laws and risks to avoid when employing a global remote team. Topics covered included:

  • Emerging tax risks for Remote Workers
  • Tax loopholes you should avoid
  • The 4 ways of setting up taxes for a global remote team
  • How governments and companies will adapt their tax structures to remote work

Check the full transcript here.

The 4 Ways of Managing Taxes for a Globally Remote Team

  1. Set up a local entity / branch
  2. Hire via an Employer of Record
  3. Hire as a contractor
  4. Make use of digital nomad visas

Please get in touch here if you are interested in interviewing John for some thought leadership in the remote work space.