In the News: Centuro Global Masterclass On Workation Policies

Centuro Global Webinar | Masterclass On Workation Policies

John joined Zain Ali, CEO of Centuro Global, for an enlightening masterclass on implementing a successful Work From Anywhere policy. Centuro Global, a trailblazing startup, mitigates the legal complexities of international remote working, aligning perfectly with Work from Anywhere’s mission to enable seamless, cross-border employment.John and Zain shared their expertise on achieving success in borderless working, helping attendees gain valuable knowledge to navigate this evolving work paradigm.The topics covered included:
  • The key compliance risks to be aware of
  • How to put together a Work from Anywhere policy
  • How you can benchmark your Work from Anywhere policy
  • Best practices observed in Work from Anywhere policies
You can access the webinar here.
To understand more about workation policies and how to implement them, make sure to check out our Workation Policy Builder which gives you the perfect blueprint to design and then launch a successful work from anywhere policy.