In the News: SafetyWing Podcast – 3 Incredible Lessons From Being a 100% Remote Team

Thank you to Lona Alia and SafetyWing for featuring John and The Work From Anywhere Team in their The Borderless Company series. Below is a high level summary of some of the issues discussed on the topic of 3 Incredible Lessons From Being a 100% Remote Team.

How to Manage Remote Workers Across Multiple Timezones

How do you avoid employee burnout when timezone differences can make employees sometimes feel like they need to be permanently available? Are the leadership team leading by example?

Managing the Tax and Compliance Risks of Employees Working Across Borders

How do you keep track of where employees are located? And what solutions are available to mitigate the tax risks of employees travelling overseas. Are there permanent establishment risks that need to be considered?


Please get in touch here if you are interested in interviewing John for some thought leadership in the remote work space.

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John Lee was a guest on the CXC Global podcast

In the News: CXC Global Podcast

John and Work From Anywhere featured in CXC Global’s The Open Talent Report podcast talking about the latest trends in remote work and the problems that Work From Anywhere are helping to solve.

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John Lee of Work From Anywhere about moving to Portugal

In the News: About Abroad Podcast – Moving to Portugal

John recently caught up with Chase Warrington on his About Abroad podcast where they discussed John’s recent move to Portugal and how they went about choosing the right school for their little girls as well as some of the surprises they ran into while moving to a new country.

Don’t their analysis on choosing the perfect country to move to!

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Building Remotely Podcast

In the News: Building Remotely Podcast

John and The Work From Anywhere Team featured in SafetyWing’s Building Remotely podcast, where John caught up with Sondre Rasch, CEO and Founder of Safety Wing to discuss his remote journey as well as his insights on tax laws and risks when employing a global remote team.

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