In the News: The Sunday Times & Work From Anywhere

The Irish companies letting employees work from anywhere in the world – and those doing it

Did you know Work From Anywhere was featured in page 2 of the Sunday Times on 6th August 2023?  Thanks to Julieanne Corr of The Sunday Times Ireland for featuring Work From Anywhere.

You can find the article here.

Below is the except from the article covering Work From Anywhere.

John Lee, chief executive and founder of Work From Anywhere, a Limerick business that helps companies work and hire from across the world, regularly takes workations with his wife, Dee, and their three children, including trips to Thailand and Vietnam. Lee, 41 [a slight correction John is only 40!], said it was important to research the tax implications when working abroad as they differed in each country.

“What is sometimes misunderstood is the ‘183 day’ myth. Some people incorrectly assume that if they spend less than 183 days in a country that they don’t have a tax residency risk but this is completely incorrect,” he said. “In some countries you can become a tax resident in a fraction of this amount of days, triggering considerable double taxation risks – especially if there is no double taxation agreement in place between home and the destination country. If you become a tax resident in a country with a global wealth tax, then the risks are amplified many times over.”