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In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • A HR Guide to Work From Anywhere Success

  • The Day Return-to-Office Mandates Died

  • Compliance Updates From Around the World

  • Remotely Interesting with John

  • Product Updates with Donal – Loads more countries to go on workation!

  • Mel’s Tip of the Day – If Snoop Dogg was on Workation!


A HR Guide to Work From Anywhere Success


It will come as no surprise to regular readers of our blog that embracing a work from anywhere (WFA) policy has emerged as a strategic imperative for many companies around the world.

By enabling employees to work from their preferred locations, companies can reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee satisfaction, improved productivity, and enhanced talent acquisition and retention.

However, implementing a successful work from anywhere policy requires careful planning, cross-functional collaboration, and a comprehensive understanding of the potential challenges and opportunities it presents.

We covered this and more in our most recent blog post.

Read more here.

The Day Return-to-Office Mandates Died

Can we all decide to collectively agree to drop the Return-to-Office (RTO) mandates and trust our individual teams to adopt the level of flexibility that works for them, be it in office, hybrid or fully remote?

That would be our wish, but alas, we continue to be stunned by CEOs like L’Oréal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus who continue to push RTO mandates in spite of the clear evidence (e.g. see Germany and USA) that flexibility is here to stay.  

One particular academic study of four years of “Return To Office” mandates in the S&P 500 found “no significant changes in financial performance or firm values.” There was one demonstrable downside, namely “significant declines in employees’ job satisfaction.” Here’s another article focused on the challenges of these mandates for working mothers.

So to mark this strategic blind spot for many CEOs, we commissioned our friends at ChatGPT to put together a poem:



In the land of cubicles and fluorescent lights,

Where CEOs with outdated views take flight,

Resounding mandates, they shout and they scare,

“Return to the office!” with confidence they blare


My poor CEOs, so blind to the truth,

The data is clear, your decrees make us spew!

Productivity doesn’t hinge on proximity,

It’s all about mindset, creativity.


Embrace the freedom, the flexibility’s key,

Work from the beach, the mountains, or even the sea!

From Bali’s exotic shores to Thailand’s charm,

Remote work revives, it doesn’t alarm.


The soul blossoms in sun-kissed landscapes so grand,

Where inspiration sparks, like stars in the sand.

No longer confined to a desk and a screen,

We’re global nomads, our work is a dream.


Join us in paradise, where work is a breeze,

And laughter fills the air, with a tropical ease.

The Return to Office mandate, a relic of the past,

To embrace the future, let’s all raise a glass!

Getting Ready for 2024

Lots done, a lot more to do.

That’s been the message for us as a team in 2024. We’ve been thrilled with the progress we’ve made in 2023. Of course we’re over the moon to have gotten companies around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, on to the platform.  

But we know there’s so much more we want to do to take our game up another few notches this coming year.

Coming into this year, it’s clear workations continue to be a headache for so many companies. This was one of the reasons we put together our workation policy builder (and have been delighted with the response so far, thank you everyone who has reached out with their feedback).

One ask on my side is that if you have had a chance to use the platform, or if you are one of our paid customers, I would hugely appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Trustpilot here. These reviews make a difference to all those companies that engage with us.


Sooooo Many Places to go on Workation!

We’ve been busy building out our algorithm to cover more countries because there’s just so many places that we’re also excited to go on workation.

So where in the world are we, as well as our customers looking forward to visiting? Well, here’s a little travel inspiration including some pictures from those places I’ve been in my younger years! See if you can guess the country!


  • 🇧🇴 Bolivia: Journey through the high-altitude landscapes, ancient ruins, salt flats and indigenous cultures of Bolivia.

  • 🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Uncover the fascinating history, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • 🇬🇹 Guatemala: Explore the stunning natural beauty, Mayan ruins, and colorful markets of Guatemala.

  • 🇭🇰 Hong Kong: Delve into the dynamic fusion of East and West in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong.

  • 🇯🇴 Jordan: Experience the ancient wonders and vibrant culture of the Middle East in Jordan.

  • 🇲🇩 Moldova: Discover the hidden gem of Eastern Europe, with its scenic vineyards and rich cultural heritage.

  • 🇲🇪 Montenegro: From the Adriatic coastline to rugged mountains, Montenegro offers breathtaking scenery and historic charm.

  • 🇲🇦 Morocco: Lose yourself in the maze-like medinas, Sahara Desert, and majestic Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

  • 🇵🇦 Panama: Discover the Panama Canal, tropical rainforests, and beautiful islands in this Central American gem.

  • 🇵🇪 Peru: From the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu to the bustling streets of Lima, Peru offers a diverse range of experiences.

  • 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico: Immerse yourself in the colorful streets, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine of Puerto Rico.

  • 🇹🇳 Tunisia: Experience the blend of ancient and modern in Tunisia, from historic ruins to vibrant markets.

  • 🇺🇾 Uruguay: Explore the charming colonial towns, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage of Uruguay.

With these exciting additions, our platform now opens doors to even more adventures around the globe. Which is top of your workation list?

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