July 2023 Newsletter

Get ready to Work from Anywhere


In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • How to convince your boss to allow you to work from anywhere

  • Time to rethink those out of office messages

  • Work From Anywhere at Mercer rewards conference in Portugal

  • Remotely Interesting with John

  • Product Updates with Donal

  • Mel’s tip of the day


How To Convince Your Boss To Allow You To Work From Anywhere


Remote Work Implications in North Korea

Having a work from anywhere policy in place is priceless.  Just ask Mastercard.  

But not every company agrees.

There are plenty of barriers to allowing you work remotely abroad, but what if you turned the argument on its head and convinced your boss to embrace the corporate nomad life?  

In this blog post, we touch on some of the key concerns companies have in relation to tax, employment law, immigration and other risks, but also show you ways of presenting the options to help you build a strong business case for embracing international remote work flexibility.

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Time To Rethink Those Out Of Office Messages


“The bad news is that I’m out of office. The good news is that I’m out of office.”

We hope you’re getting some time to switch off over the summer and not getting too stressed about those work emails or Slack messages while on holidays.

Which is why it’s so important to craft the right out of office message.  



On a more serious note, for many leaders, the summer is an opportunity to take a step back and look at their communication stack and communication culture.

This is why we loved this guide to asynchronous communication by the team at Doist.

Work From Anywhere at Mercer Rewards Conference in Portugal


Did you know that Work From Anywhere will be at the Mercer Global Rewards conference in Portugal later this year?

It will be held in Cascais, where John lives, so if anyone is planning on going and are looking for any hidden gems, feel free to reach out.

You can find out more about the event here.

P.S. For anyone looking to get a demo of our platform, feel free to sign up below or reach out to your local Mercer representative.


Book WFA Demo via Mercer 


Additional Countries Coming Soon

We have been busy beavering away adding new countries to our platform so stay tuned for more countries coming online on our platform at the beginning of September.  Here, you’ll find the list of countries you can already access on our free trial, including those that are coming soon. 

We have seen a lot of requests from the Nordic countries so they’ve been taking priority lately.

For the rest, we’ve been keeping a low profile and I’m actually in Ireland at the moment getting the opportunity to visit family and catch up with John.

We’ll have more product updates to share in our next newsletter so stay tuned for more.

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