June 2023 Newsletter

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Moving Beyond Work From Anywhere

In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • Moving Beyond Work From Anywhere
  • Work From Anywhere at Mercer talent mobility conference in Brussels
  • Work From Anywhere “Highly Commended” at the Think Global People Awards
  • Remotely Interesting with John
  • Product Updates with Donal
  • Mel’s tip of the day


Moving Beyond Work From Anywhere


This might surprise some of you.  

But it’s time to start thinking about how we move beyond work from anywhere.

What do we mean by this?

While work from anywhere has been a major pain point for many global mobility functions in the last number of years, we’re seeing this as a tactical pain point.  

The potentially more interesting development is where does this lead to?

What we’re starting to see is a much deeper, thoughtful reflection on what the future holds for how companies access the global talent pool, or what we like to call Hire From Anywhere.

From listening to thought leaders at the recent Mercer conference in Brussels, we see a number of important themes that start to become clear:

  • HR is itself undergoing a once in a generation transformation prompted by a number of intersecting themes such as the younger generations entering the workforce, the shift to more flexible work and the opening up of the global talent pool.

  • Following on from this, if we take the global talent pool topic, what does this  mean for connecting talent acquisition to global mobility?

  • The fractionalization of work means that companies are moving from a “job” focused talent model to one that is a “skills” based talent model where 30%+ of skills will be sourced from plug-and-play independent contractor models in future. Unilver here shared a brilliant guide to how they approached it.

  • How countries themselves will adapt to this structural shift in talent acquisition for both companies and cities (just look at the recent announcement from Canada about their digital nomad strategy or some of the recent statistics of jobs relocating out of San Francisco.

When we reflect on some of these trends above, we start to see how remote work fits into a broader picture of HR transformation and that restricting yourself to a “work from anywhere” mindset potentially misses the broader, bigger, sctructural shifts that are happening right under our nose.


Work From Anywhere “Highly Commended” at the Think Global People Awards


Work From Anywhere award at Relocate Awards

We had some great news in recent weeks by being highly commended in the Think Global People Awards in the category “Excellence in Technology or Analytics”.

The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with The Innovation Festival for Global Working on the 8th June 2023 in Kent, UK.

At around the same time Work From Anywhere was named as a finalist in the Grow Remote awards in Ireland which came with prize money and access to a network of mentors.

A huge thank you to both Think Global People and Grow Remote for this recognition along our journey.

Work From Anywhere at Mercer talent mobility conference in Brussels


John represented Work From Anywhere at the Mercer talent mobility conference in Brussels earlier this month and it was a very insightful few days packed full of inspiring speakers, none more so that Julia Hobsbawm who gave a talk about the Nowhere Office.

Here you can see John with Frederic Franchi of Mercer at the Work From Anywhere stand during the conference.

It won’t come as any surprise that the topic of work from anywhere itself was a key focus area for attendees so it made for a very busy few days.  But it was also an opportunity to get to meet the various Mercer teams from around the world and talk to them about how they’re seeing global mobility and the future of work more broadly.

John also moderated at the speed networking sessions on day 1 and this seemed to be one of the parts of the conference that the attendees themselves really enjoyed.  There’s nothing like speaking to peers who are dealing with the same issues at the coalface as you are.

P.S. For anyone looking to get a demo of our platform, feel free to sign up below or reach out to your local Mercer representative.

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What’s Our Secret Sauce?

We often get a lot of questions about our platform and what’s behind it, so we decided to open up the curtain to allow everyone to see very transparently how we make the magic happen.

You’ll see below that we have hundreds of data points in our algorithm that help get to a weighted risk assessment for every work and hire from anywhere scenario.

WFA Proprietary Algorithm Table 

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