March 2024 Newsletter

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In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • Workation Wandering: Your Ultimate Guide to Balancing Work and Travel

  • Trust versus Autonomy in remote work

  • Tax & Legal Updates

  • The Pros and Cons of Employers of Record

  • Grow CFO & The 7 Benefits Of Workations

  • Remotely Interesting with John – Catch up in Seville?

  • Product Updates with Donal – Social Security Turbocharged!

  • Mel’s Tip of the Day – Community Cafe


Workation Wandering: Your Ultimate Guide to Balancing Work and Travel


In this article, Workations 101, we cover the basics of what a workation is (hint: work + vacation ), how to convince your boss to say yes as well as sources for finding some of the best workation destinations.

Read more here.


The Balance Between Trust & Autonomy

“If autonomy is high and trust is low, that’s a recipe for chaos. If autonomy is low and trust is high, that’s a recipe for talent quitting. If autonomy is low and trust is low, micromanagement is used as a substitute for discipline. If autonomy is high and trust is high, you’re succeeding in building a great company…”

This post by Kate Lister inspired us recently.  

How do you see the balance between trust and autonomy in your organization?

Anyone For A Workation In Seville?


Thanks to all the team at Mercer who shared some exciting updates about our Work From Anywhere platform on 20th March 2024.  They covered our features, country rollouts and our new mobile friendly platform.  Thanks again to Frederic Franchi and all the Mercer team who have been invaluable support helping get a range of Fortune 500 clients around the world on to the platform. We’ll be sharing more exciting updates at the Mercer Talent Mobility Conference in Seville on 11th-12th June 2024 which you can sign up for here.


I enjoyed catching up with the Mosh Pit community on St Patrick’s Weekend recently, you can see the presentation above if you’re interested.  We covered:

  1. Survey data on how CEOs are approaching the topic of International Remote Work

  2. How companies are putting together a Work from Anywhere policy

  3. How you can benchmark your Work from Anywhere policy

  4. Best practices observed in Work from Anywhere policies such as Spotify and Airbnb

In other developments, it was a privilege for the team to have gotten the opportunity to work with 5 outstanding MBA leaders in Matthew Dees, Temitope Omo-Olorun Ojo, Iyanuoluwa Oyindamola Ayoade, Jayant Kulkarni and John Dannehl. We had a high octane few days in person together working on a market expansion project, after spending the last few months going back and forth on how we can look at our strategy with a fresh set of eyes.

As for upcoming webinars and conferences, stay tuned for a webinar I’ll be doing with the Executive Research Association on 11th April. I’ll be presenting with Simon Rogers of Talent Mobility Search and we’ll be talking about the new employee benefits landscape and how international remote work fits into that.

As for other gems you might have missed over the last month, this post on the impact of RTO mandates caught my attention, highlighting how high-performers, women and millennials are the greatest flight risks when strict return to office mandates are implemented.


Social Security Turbocharged

Aside from our continuous focus on performance improvements, you might have noticed that we’ve been busy making a lot of changes to social security in recent weeks.

What did we do and why did we do this?

We heard from some customers last year that while they liked our platform risk ratings, they clearly wanted more from us.  It was not enough to tell people that there is a risk.  They were looking for the “what next?” 

So we took three proactive measures to structurally improve social security and listen to our customers:

  1. We got a leading social security expert in Europe with over 15+ years of experience in international social security research and implementation to review our social security algorithm design and help us improve the commentary outputs

  2. We also researched the outbound country website forms for every Certificate of Coverage and A1 form (where applicable)

  3. In the compliance checklist, we added the links to those website forms (and believe me, some of them are VERY tricky to find!) to make it much easier for our customers to take proactive steps to become compliant.

This was a fundamental improvement to one of the key pain points in the international remote work journey for our customers and meant that not only were we able to now clearly outline the risks, but also put in place clear actionable next steps to help companies address the compliance risks of social security.


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