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Mercer and Work From Anywhere Announce Global Partnership

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This month we cover:

  • Mercer partnership

  • Work From Anywhere finalist at the Think Global People Awards

  • John speaking at Mercer talent mobility conference

  • Remotely Interesting with John

  • Product Updates with Donal

  • Mel’s tip of the day

Mercer Partnership

Work From Anywhere Mercer Partnership2

We are thrilled to formally announce our partnership with Mercer, a global leader in HR consultancy. Mercer, known for its forward-thinking approach to work and talent mobility, has chosen to join forces with Work From Anywhere to further its commitment to preparing businesses for the future of work.

Why Mercer chose Work From Anywhere is simple – they envision a future where the global talent pool is not an exception but the norm. They foresee a world where companies confidently adopt new operating models such as Employers of Record and Digital Nomad Visas, and champion the concept of an agile, globally distributed workforce.

However, as our regular newsletter readers will know, such a future comes with its challenges – including tax, legal, and immigration risks. The partnership between Work From Anywhere and Mercer aims to provide clients worldwide the power to manage their compliance and effortlessly navigate these innovative work models and associated risks at the touch of a button.

You can also find Mercer’s announcement here.

Work From Anywhere Finalist at the Think Global People Awards

We also had some great news in recent weeks by being named as a finalist in the Think Global People Awards. 

The awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with The Innovation Festival for Global Working on the 8th June 2023 in Kent, UK.

You can find more information about these awards here.

Work From Anywhere at Mercer Talent Mobility Conference

Did you know that you can find Work From Anywhere at the Mercer talent mobility conference in Brussels this June 14-15?

John will be there both days, so make sure to hunt him down at the Work From Anywhere booth and ask him every question under the sun! John will also be moderating at the speed networking sessions on day 1, one not to miss.

Register below to secure your spot at what is certain to be an incredible event with some of the brightest thought leaders in the talent mobility space.

4.5 Star Trustpilot Review

“What Work From Anywhere have built is truly revolutionary. I am a tax professional myself and tell everyone they need this tool. This tool truly allows companies to act on decision making at unheard of speeds.” Jessalyn Dean, Managing Director

We’re delighted to officially be on Trustpilot and have been blown away by the feedback everyone has given us. Curious to hear what others have said?

Read Reviews

Overall Risk Rating

We’ve made one subtle, yet major change to the platform over the last month with the inclusion of an overall risk rating. This traffic light system helps simplify the interpretation of the assessment, speeds up the decision making process and enables wider approval delegation for remote work trips or hires. 

For example, the compliance team may currently be a bottleneck, drowning in requests from employees. Now, they can quite easily delegate responsibility down to line managers with a simple approval process based on the overall risk rating:

  • Low Risk => Automatically approved

  • Medium Risk => Escalated to compliance team for review and approval

  • High Risk => Escalated to compliance team for review and requires executive team approval


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