Newfound Freedoms & Hobbies of Remote Work

Newfound Freedoms & Hobbies of Remote Work

Swimming at the famous Bondi Icebergs

You Can Keep Your Sourdough!

Just over a year ago, sourdough-mania took hold as people looked to make use of the extra time they had now that they were not commuting to work.

The global Work From Home (WFH) experiment brought on by Covid absolutely fascinates me. In part, it is what fuelled the idea behind The Work From Anywhere Team.

While the loss and suffering because of Covid has been incredibly painful, I remain optimistic that we will all look back in 10, 20 years’ time with a different perspective. We might instead choose to reflect on the positive impact it had on our work life balance, giving us back precious time to spend with loved ones and on our hobbies by removing the time void of a daily commute into city offices. And reminding us how precious a hug can be.

A Flash in the Pan Versus Sustainable Healthy Habits?

I certainly don’t have the patience (nor the culinary skills!) for the bacterial experiment that is making sourdough. But I did take a brief stab at rock sculpting.

And so I unveil…

Sad. Whale. ☹

Sad. Whale.

This kept me occupied during the most confined days of strict lockdown…the bottle of wine also helped! But I will freely admit this was a flash in the pan and I haven’t picked up my sculpting tools since leaving hotel quarantine.

Ocean Swimming

In Ireland, ocean swimming attracted a dedicated cult of worshippers aka Dry Robers. With everything closed for months, the ocean became a daily ritual for many to break up the isolation. As a man now accustomed to Sydney water temperatures, I can attest to the “scrotum tightening” effect of a swim in the Irish Sea as referenced by James Joyce in the opening of Ulysses!

But the intoxicating rush of adrenalin and an improving swim stroke was enough to keep me getting back in the water all through the Winter months when the water temperatures dropped to the low single digits. I’m happy to say, that this healthy habit has stayed with me upon my return to Sydney…but I’m much happier jumping into 16 degree water than 6!

The hot water bottle was badly needed to warm the extremeties!

Dreaming of Work From Anywhere

I truly believe that travel is one of the greatest educations we can get. It challenges our beliefs, makes us more empathetic towards others and makes us curious and open to new challenges.

Some of my greatest periods of personal development have come while being out of my comfort zone, immersed in another culture. From a 3-month student exchange in Germany when I was 16, to travelling around Central & South America in my twenties, to stopping to recharge my batteries in Bali for 2 months after an intense period of my career.

I truly believe WFH evolving to Work From Anywhere (WFA) is the next logical step as people look to capitalise culturally on their prolonged move to remote work. We’ve proven we can be trusted to work autonomously. Why would this be any different if we’re overseas?

Sure, there are tax residency risks and other visa hurdles to navigate. But the rewards are so high that they can’t be ignored. Plus, people are desperate to shake things up from the 4 walls of their home office. 

But, as per this Prudential survey, heading back to the office full-time is the furthest things from people’s minds.

As is their failed sourdough starter!

Article written by Donal Brady, Co-Founder of The Work From Anywhere Team

If you’re interested in making your Work From Anywhere dream a reality, check out your tax residency risks here.

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