September 2023 Newsletter

Get ready to Work from Anywhere


In this month’s newsletter we cover:

  • Conference Season In Full Flow

  • Remotely Interesting with John

  • Product updates with Donal

  • Mel’s Tip of the Day


Conference Season in Full Flow



The last few weeks, and the coming few weeks, have seen conference and webinar season in full flow.

One of the best we have seen in a long time was the Mercer webinar on remote work trends by Olivier Meier (slide extract above). It is well worth getting in touch with your local Mercer contact to get a hold of this recording as he expanded eloquently on where they see the future of work from anywhere, virtual assignments, hire from anywhere and how this all fits into the employee experience.  He also gave actionable tips companies can consider when implementing international remote work into their global mobility policies.

Picture of Clive Fathers, Sarah Lavan and John Lee


If you enjoyed that one, you might also like to watch John’s interview with Fathers & LavanClive Fathers and Sarah Lavan have both been key mentors to our team over the last few years, so this was a chance for John to brainstorm with Clive and Sarah about how they see the future of global mobility.

September also saw John speak with Mercer at the TEMi Talks Tech series in Australia and the Chartered Accountants Ireland Virtual CPD conference in Ireland.

We really enjoyed this GME Live event on remote work with some brilliant insights by Siobhan Cummins, Nicelle Galeano, Pradeep Setlur, Stephen McGarry and Julia Onslow-Cole. Julia as always gave some helpful tips on how to navigate digital nomad visas, in particular being very cautious about using them if you have a legal entity in that country.

This coming week will see John speak at the IHRM Kolloquium in Switzerland (2nd October) as well as Mercer’s European Rewards conference in Portugal. There are also a number of webinars planned for the rest of October, including a few regional Mercer webinars around the world (such as Asia and Italy, amongst others), so reach out to your local Mercer representative to hear when John will be speaking next.



The Importance of a Feedback Loop



Work From Anywhere Platform Relaunch

We are hugely excited to launch some major changes with our Work From Anywhere solution in the coming week. We’ve listened to your feedback and have made some subtle yet powerful changes to empower compliance teams to quickly make informed decisions whether to approve a remote work request or not.

Work From Anywhere Platform Dashboard


Our Compliance Checklist quickly allows you to assess:

  • Whether the trip is in line with your internal company policy

  • Whether a visa is required by the employee when travelling

  • When payroll withholding obligations are triggered

  • Whether you have any Posted Worker or Social Security requirements

  • Any mitigating actions you should take to reduce your risk of triggering Permanent Establishment (PE)

  • While also suggesting compatible solutions for further mitigating those risks when they are appropriate (i.e. digital nomad visa, legal entity & EOR)

Check out a brief tour of the new platform here.  Or even better yet…sign up for a free trial and give it a test drive!

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