In the News: Travel Massive Top 50 Hot Travel Startups of 2022

Drum roll please…

We’re super excited to have been listed in Travel Massive’s 50 Hot Travel Startups of 2022 with some incredible other businesses like NaviSavi, Nomad Stays and Ask A Local.

If you’d like to see us take out the top prize, please give us your vote.

Stay tuned to see whether we get into the Top 10.

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John Lee of Work From Anywhere about moving to Portugal

In the News: About Abroad Podcast – Moving to Portugal

John recently caught up with Chase Warrington on his About Abroad podcast where they discussed John’s recent move to Portugal and how they went about choosing the right school for their little girls as well as some of the surprises they ran into while moving to a new country.

Don’t their analysis on choosing the perfect country to move to!

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Building Remotely Podcast

In the News: Building Remotely Podcast

John and The Work From Anywhere Team featured in SafetyWing’s Building Remotely podcast, where John caught up with Sondre Rasch, CEO and Founder of Safety Wing to discuss his remote journey as well as his insights on tax laws and risks when employing a global remote team.

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In the News: SafetyWing Podcast

John and The Work From Anywhere Team featured in SafetyWing’s The Borderless Company series where they discussed the tax implications of remote work, the different options for managing international tax compliance and Permanent Establishment, the blind spot of Employer’s of Record.

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