Time to turn your
Work From Anywhere
dreams into reality.

Time to turn your Work From Anywhere dreams into reality.

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Work From Anywhere Tax Risk Map

Tax residency risk map

Spent time working overseas and think you may have triggered tax residency implications?

Use our remote work tax risk map to check where is the safe place to go and for how long.

Digital nomad visas

Find out which countries offer tax advantageous visas to allow you to move there and work remotely.

There is huge competition with new countries announcing visas every other month to attract corporate nomads.

Digital Nomad Visas for Greece

Need help figuring out your personal taxes?

Below you will find some useful DIY resources. Please note we do not get any affiliate fees or other compensation for the resources we’re sharing below. If you have any worth adding feel free to let us know.

Useful Tax Guides & Tools

Useful Visa Guides & Tools


  • Chase Warrington’s About Abroad podcast is really good where he speaks about specific examples of how to be a digital nomad / remote worker in different countries.
  • You can also access our WFA Series where we have experts from around the world.
  • See also John’s Perchpeek interview here.
  • See this guide from Estonian E-Residency here.


  • Nomadbase is an excellent community for individual tax questions on specific countries as are the Slack channels of Nomadlist (however you need to be a member to access the Nomadlist community).
  • It’s not tax specific, but Adventurely is a really nice community for digital nomads as is NomadX.

US Specific Expert & Tools

Non-US Tax & Immigration Experts

  • Wanderers Wealth is another expert who specializes in digital nomads.
  • Nomad Capitalist is another expert who also has a really useful video series.
  • VisaDB have access to a large group of tax experts.
  • The team in Ejectmo might be interesting if you’re only temporarily working remotely abroad.
  • Likewise the team in Heavnn could be worth having a chat with.

Kid’s Education While Remote Working Abroad

There are lots of exciting solutions emerging here, below are some worth taking a look at:

Companies Hiring / Working From Anywhere

You can check out our article here for a list of top companies that are offering some form of Work From Anywhere.