Empower your team to work overseas, without the compliance headaches

Safely deliver workations as a key employee benefit and save 10% as a GrowCFO community member

Work From Anywhere Platform Dashboard

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Compliantly Approve Workations in Seconds

Pre-Trip Risk Assessments

Quickly evaluate the compliance risks of temporary remote work trips and make informed decisions with our easy-to-understand reports.

Customizable Policy Thresholds

Tailor the platform to align with your company's internal remote work policies and automate the approval process based on predefined policy thresholds.

Save Time and Resources

Eliminate the need for costly external advisors and lengthy research, empowering your internal tax, finance and global mobility teams to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Increase Employee Retention

Offer flexible international work opportunities, a benefit that increases staff productivity and lowers attrition rates.

Remote work compliance.
We've got you covered.

Remote work compliance. We've got you covered.

Corporate Tax & Legal

Understand the corporate tax, permanent establishment & legal implications of remote work.

Visa & Immigration Check

Know whether an employee is able to legally work from a destination country.

In Built Customization

Tailor your assessments to include specific thresholds of your remote work policy and adjust for your company's risk appetite.

Plug & Play

From sign up to searches in minutes. It's that easy. No PhD's needed. Perfect for global mobility, HR, tax, legal & finance teams.

Data Privacy & Security

We have strong data protection and compliance policies in place to ensure your data is treated with the utmost care and sensitivity.

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Partnered and trusted by leaders in remote work